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Hypercars - The evolution of uniqueness
Hypercars - The evolution of uniqueness

The Maranello Museum is staging the glorious “Hypercars” exhibition dedicated to all the Ferraris that hailed landmark advances in the marque’s technological evolution. 

Every Ferrari is special and the preserve of the few who become our clients. But certain Prancing Horse models have been so moulded by our thirst for innovation and accelerated technological progress that they have set new benchmarks in the sector. This is the Maranello signature when it comes to its Hypercars, a term that refers to milestones in motoring history. These cars are all limited series and the product of Enzo Ferrari’s personal philosophy of aiming to make every new model the best car of its day. The result is that each new, more advanced addition is the embodiment of genuinely leading-edge research, setting the benchmark for all cars worldwide. The Hypercars exhibition now offers visitors the opportunity to see these examples of technological excellence first-hand: GTO, F40, F50, Ferrari Enzo, LaFerrari. 
Also making its public debut is the design static model of the Ferrari P80/C, the latest product of our One-Off programme which allows owners to create a truly unique of an existing model, moulded around their personal wishes. 
As part of the journey through Ferrari’s signature exclusivity, visitors also discover the Tailor Made programme through which the marque gives full expression to its luxe soul.
90 Years - Scuderia Ferrari, the complete history
90 Years - Scuderia Ferrari, the complete history

It is one of the great iconic names in motorsport with the power to unite an entire country and a million tifosi from all over the world behind it: the Scuderia Ferrari, the most successful team in the history of Formula 1, turns 90 in 2019. An anniversary that the Ferrari Museum in Maranello has decided to mark with a major celebratory exhibition. 

The cars featured in the “90 Years” exhibition are a testament to that glorious history, starting with the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Spider, which, in 1932, became the very first car to sport the Prancing Horse as part of its livery, and going all the way to the SF71H, the single-seater Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen raced just last season. 
In the exhibition, the timeframe separating those two cars is illustrated by a string of unforgettable single-seaters, the stars of hard-fought races, historic victories and sometimes crushing defeats. All of these cars brilliantly encapsulate and epitomise Enzo Ferrari’s dream, and the commitment, determination and passion for innovation of the most successful team in the history of Formula 1. Its tally of 31 World titles (15 Drivers’ and 16 Constructors’) is an unequalled record that the Maranello team continues to defend and honour each season with the same passion as 90 years ago. 
The exhibition pays homage of course also to Ferrari victories in enclosed wheel racing.

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