The Ferrari Museum Campus - “Formula Estate” workshops

July 09, 2019

The Ferrari Museum Campus - “Formula Estate” workshops

Every Friday for the month of July the Ferrari Museum will be hosting the new Campus - Formula Estate workshops which are open too both young people and adults who can take part individually or as groups. Each workshop lasts one hour. The English language version starts at 11.00, while the Italian version starts at 15.00.  

The subject matter will be a good cross-section, touching on issues already used in the Campus - ‘Formula Marketing’, ‘Formula Innovation (design)’ and ‘Formula Team’ workshops.  Each one will end with a fun pit-stop practice for participants over the age of 12. Museum visits can be taken either before or after the workshops also.  

Places can be booked by e-mail. Just give us your name, the number of participants, language required and date (you have a choice of 5, 12, 19 and 26 July): Places are limited. 


Children under 12 years: ticket for Ferrari Museum + 3 Euros (Museum + “Campus - Formula Estate”)

Over age 12: Ticket for Ferrari Museum + 5 Euros (Museum + “Campus - Formula Estate” + Esperienza Pit-Stop)